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Cold Blooded Chillers Goes to DriveThruComics

Posted by bobheske on March 3, 2009

Now you can get your indie horror fix for a song – literally – at DriveThruComics.

Heske Horror has made its critically acclaimed horror series available as 99-cent PDF downloads (the same price as an iTunes download).

No wait. No postage. Just instant horror gratification.

“Cold Blooded Chillers is perhaps the very best of the independently published anthologies that I’ve read.”

Dave Baxter @ BrokenFrontier.com

Even better news – we hear it through the gravevine that BONE CHILLER (a 144-page trade paperback) will be featured as a staff recommendation the week of March 8th.

Bone Chiller - a trade paperback featuring 8 great scares and 2 chilling extras.

Bone Chiller (TPB) available as PDF download for $3.99 at drivethrucomics (over $8.00 off the cover price with no S&H charges).


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BONE CHILLER comic trade paperback trailer serves up scares

Posted by bobheske on February 23, 2009

BONE CHILLER, featuring 8 great scares and 2 new chilling extras from the critically acclaimed indie horror series COLD BLOODED CHILLLERS, is now available in trade paperback on IndyPlanet.

Check out the trailer below:

Click the icon below to preview the TPB on the Web:

Myebook - Bone Chiller TPB (Preview) - click here to open my ebook

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Cold Blooded Chillers “Supernatural” Gets Kudos on YouTube

Posted by bobheske on February 23, 2009

Some nice coverage on YouTube (excerpt shows “Cold Blooded Chillers #3” review only – cuz that’s all your should care about!):

Intrigued? Check out a web preview here (MATURE SUBJECT MATTER means you’ll need to sign up/login to MyEbook.com):

Myebook - COLD BLOODED CHILLERS #3  Preview - click here to open my ebook

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The Best Thing Since YouTube – MyEBook.com

Posted by bobheske on November 22, 2008

Kudos to Sy Whitehall @ MYEBOOK.COM for creating the freaking best public forum for viewing books, comics and multi-media since YouTube.

And get this – he even contacted me on Skype to walk me through some technical problems (“UE” – user error meaning I was the bonehead that kept screwing up the easy, user-friendly software).

When I was struggling with Vista on my HP laptop a year ago, I had to PAY people in India before they would walk me through a “resolution” (i.e., set your computer back to factory settings).

This service is so good, it speaks for itself. I am an indie comic book publisher but the sky’s the limit – you can embed audio, video, shit … even the kitchen sink. And for all you FACEBOOKERS out there, you can embed code to showcase your favorite online reading library to show your “friends” what good taste you have (you can also promote comics to your Facebook brethren, something I plan to take advantage of!).

Don’t take my word, see for yourself:

Myebook - COLD BLOODED CHILLERS (ISSUE 1) - click here to open my ebookMyebook - COLD BLOODED CHILLERS (ISSUE 2) - click here to open my ebook

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SHADOW CHRONICLES – New from Studio 407

Posted by bobheske on November 15, 2008

This is the cover of SHADOW CHRONICLES from Studio 407

SHADOW CHRONICLES is appearing in Diamond’s November previews. It features sneak peeks at 3 horror creature comics from Studio 407. The creepiest one, of course, is THE NIGHT PROJECTIONIST penned by yours cruelly. Also scary stories from newcomer Chad Jones and veteran Hollywood screenwriter Neal Marshall Stevens (Th13rteen Ghosts). The comic hits stores in January.

(Spoiler: Look for a thicker version down the road featuring complete first issues of this fearsome monster threesome.)

Here’s the premise:

Shadow Chronicles

Studio 407 is proud to present Shadow Chronicles, a blood-curdling collection of all-new horror tales. A bloodthirsty vampire plagues 18th Century Europe… and a modern-day movie theater. In the farthest reaches of space, the crew of a research vessel is absconded by the military for a mission to a desolate planet of pure terror. And a small town is beset both by demons and the elite paramilitary squad tasked with destroying them! But which force is scarier? Find out in Shadow Chronicles, Studio 407’s first ever anthology book, which affords readers a sneak peak at our most terrifying new comics!

click to go to website

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Posted by bobheske on November 8, 2008

Nice little review on COLD BLOODED CHILLERS (issues 1 and 2) by Jaymes Reed for Comic News that got picked up on the wires by USA Today and Reuters.

And here’s some more:

To order a copy or preview the art, go to COLDBLOODEDCHILLERS.COM.

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Cold Blooded Chillers Coming Soon

Posted by bobheske on August 16, 2008

Premiere Issue of Cold Blooded Chillers

Premiere Issue of Cold Blooded Chillers

Here’s cover art for the first issue of Cold Blooded Chillers (CBC), a horror noir anthology penned by yours cruelly. It’s been a challenge juggling stories with artists from all around the world. First issue will release on 9/15/08 on (fingers crossed) ka-blam and comixpress.com. Also, a CBC website will launch the week of 8/18/08. Second issue to release in mid October.

Cover art by Mark Chilcott (UK). Contributing artists to this issue include Preston Asevedo (US), Scott Austin (Finland), Neil Morrissey (UK), and Zeu (Portugal).

Stay tuned for more gory details to come!!

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Post Strike Blues

Posted by bobheske on March 9, 2008

Bloody Writing WoesWho said the end of the Writers’ Strike would solve our woes?

This letter from Union President Patric Verrone to WGA membership sends an upbeat message about the future but man … so far 2008 has been a personal bust!

I’ve been writing like a madman over the past 6 months with the realization that the arrival of my second daughter (due April 1st but ready to pop any day now) would severely curtail my writing career.

Sadly, my wife’s mother has landed in a hospice with terminal lung cancer – which has made my wife’s blood pressure balloon and turned a normal pregnancy into high risk. This week the 2nd boot dropped with the news that a person in my immediate family also has cancer. I fear 2008 will not be the healthiest year for the Heskes but keep my chin up nonetheless.

On the writing front, I continue to make progress with a comic book series that is scheduled to be released this summer. With any luck (which I’ve had NONE of lately), I’ll be able to turn the comic book/graphic novel into a film script paycheck. Fingers crossed.

I’ve also spent @ 100 hours doing two rewrites of a suspense thriller which is now called DISTORTIA. It’s a strong script with deeper characters, smoother plot points, and less special effects ensuring it falls into the “low budget indie” category. One prodco has been taking a close look – we’ll see what happens with this one. The script has been “almost” optioned 5 times now – so maybe the number 6 will be a charm.

I’ve also entered far less contests lately – mostly thanks to the added expense of day care and gas prices. However, I did enter one contest called SCRIPT SAVVY and even ponied up for a script review. I was pleased to get a RECOMMEND (with some reservations, of course) for my quirky comedy called RICK HEAD. I even got a better logline and synopsis out of the deal for a cost that was just shy of $100. But alas, my two entries (MIGHTY LEMMING and RICK HEAD) did not crack the top 6*.

On a lark, I emailed the contest administrator (a very responsive woman named Donna White) who informed me that:

Actually both of your scripts were very close to the top this month. This was the most competitive contest we’ve had, so please know that both of your scripts are very much above average and might’ve won under slightly different circumstances.

Try, try again dammit!!

Enough pissing and moaning. At least I have a few pans in the fire. And – with God’s blessing – another screaming infant to keep me company late into the night. As for my mother-in-law and my other family member with the big “C” – ah, let’s just say I write now with a candle lit … to keep their fire burning beside me.


Bob Heske

gatessatan1.jpg*Holy Hell Fire! This is the third time I’ve mentioned “6” in this posting. 666 … Bad karma! Speaking of Hell, as a tormented Vista customer, I can see why many believe Bill Gates is the Devil.

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Posted by bobheske on December 6, 2007

Actors unite with shorts to support Writers WGA Strike …

Vodpod videos no longer available. from edstrong.blog-city.c posted with vodpod

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No Middle Ground Wins OurStage.com

Posted by bobheske on December 2, 2007

Congratulations to director/friend George Villalba for capturing 1st place (and $5,000 smackers!) for his short NO MIDDLE GROUND (NMG) at OurStage in the November Sweeps.

NO MIDDLE GROUND will also air on IFC in January. Check here for more details in the weeks ahead. For those of you who haven’t seen the film (on which I was co-writer), check it out here:

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