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One in a Billion

Posted by bobheske on December 2, 2006

Talk about an omen.

As I sit down to write my first blog, on a whim I looked up “world population”. The online calculator showed 66.6 billion people share the planet. Revelation? Geez, I’d better write fast.

My lazy man’s math tells me that if roughly one out of 66 people want to be a screenwriter, my competition is about a billion. Hence, the clever headline that just took me three sentences to explain.

A screenwriter’s blog? I can hear the human outcry now:

Why don’t you write a script instead? Or get a real job?

Ouch! Actually, I have been writing. 20-something shorts, 5 features, and 2 treatments in the last two years alone. I’ve sold a few scripts, even a feature I co-wrote with a Scotch-drinking buddy. Heck, I finally got a manager I don’t have to pay. Maybe even an LA Agent to boot.

Success? Not yet. But progress? Definitely!

So sharpen your pencils, fire up your laptops, and come along for the ride. But tick-tock. Time is running out. Soon there’ll be 666 billion people on the planet. Perhaps ALL of them wannabe screenwriters.

Apocalypse Mel beckons!

Signing off (for now).

Bob Heske


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