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The Best Thing Since YouTube – MyEBook.com

Posted by bobheske on November 22, 2008

Kudos to Sy Whitehall @ MYEBOOK.COM for creating the freaking best public forum for viewing books, comics and multi-media since YouTube.

And get this – he even contacted me on Skype to walk me through some technical problems (“UE” – user error meaning I was the bonehead that kept screwing up the easy, user-friendly software).

When I was struggling with Vista on my HP laptop a year ago, I had to PAY people in India before they would walk me through a “resolution” (i.e., set your computer back to factory settings).

This service is so good, it speaks for itself. I am an indie comic book publisher but the sky’s the limit – you can embed audio, video, shit … even the kitchen sink. And for all you FACEBOOKERS out there, you can embed code to showcase your favorite online reading library to show your “friends” what good taste you have (you can also promote comics to your Facebook brethren, something I plan to take advantage of!).

Don’t take my word, see for yourself:

Myebook - COLD BLOODED CHILLERS (ISSUE 1) - click here to open my ebookMyebook - COLD BLOODED CHILLERS (ISSUE 2) - click here to open my ebook


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