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Cold Blooded Chillers Goes to DriveThruComics

Posted by bobheske on March 3, 2009

Now you can get your indie horror fix for a song – literally – at DriveThruComics.

Heske Horror has made its critically acclaimed horror series available as 99-cent PDF downloads (the same price as an iTunes download).

No wait. No postage. Just instant horror gratification.

“Cold Blooded Chillers is perhaps the very best of the independently published anthologies that I’ve read.”

Dave Baxter @ BrokenFrontier.com

Even better news – we hear it through the gravevine that BONE CHILLER (a 144-page trade paperback) will be featured as a staff recommendation the week of March 8th.

Bone Chiller - a trade paperback featuring 8 great scares and 2 chilling extras.

Bone Chiller (TPB) available as PDF download for $3.99 at drivethrucomics (over $8.00 off the cover price with no S&H charges).


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