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What About Bob?

My name is Bob Heske @ Heywell Film Scripts. My mid-life crisis was to quit my corporate job, buy a red Mustang, and pursue my screenwriting dream.

Since then, I’ve gotten a manager, won or placed in countless contests, and optioned 10 features and shorts to-date. I’ve written in multi-genres: animation, comedy, drama, horror, and suspense/thriller. Some producers think I’m funny. Others think I’m dark. My wife just thinks I’m bi-polar.

I’m an alumnus from Indiana University (Lambda Chi Alpha, AO 1194) and Emerson College (Graduate Screenwriting Certificate Program – hey Jay Leno, Brad Anderson … you out there?).

I don’t have IMDB credits yet so I haven’t quit my day job (freelance writer). But the dream is very much alive thanks to a forgiving family who has agreed to forgo the McMansion in pursuit of creative happiness. (Thank God for non-materialistic wives!)

Not sure what all this means. Heck, maybe there’s a high-concept comedy in there somewhere.


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