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Cold Blooded Chillers Goes to DriveThruComics

Posted by bobheske on March 3, 2009

Now you can get your indie horror fix for a song – literally – at DriveThruComics.

Heske Horror has made its critically acclaimed horror series available as 99-cent PDF downloads (the same price as an iTunes download).

No wait. No postage. Just instant horror gratification.

“Cold Blooded Chillers is perhaps the very best of the independently published anthologies that I’ve read.”

Dave Baxter @ BrokenFrontier.com

Even better news – we hear it through the gravevine that BONE CHILLER (a 144-page trade paperback) will be featured as a staff recommendation the week of March 8th.

Bone Chiller - a trade paperback featuring 8 great scares and 2 chilling extras.

Bone Chiller (TPB) available as PDF download for $3.99 at drivethrucomics (over $8.00 off the cover price with no S&H charges).


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BONE CHILLER comic trade paperback trailer serves up scares

Posted by bobheske on February 23, 2009

BONE CHILLER, featuring 8 great scares and 2 new chilling extras from the critically acclaimed indie horror series COLD BLOODED CHILLLERS, is now available in trade paperback on IndyPlanet.

Check out the trailer below:

Click the icon below to preview the TPB on the Web:

Myebook - Bone Chiller TPB (Preview) - click here to open my ebook

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Cold Blooded Chillers “Supernatural” Gets Kudos on YouTube

Posted by bobheske on February 23, 2009

Some nice coverage on YouTube (excerpt shows “Cold Blooded Chillers #3” review only – cuz that’s all your should care about!):

Intrigued? Check out a web preview here (MATURE SUBJECT MATTER means you’ll need to sign up/login to MyEbook.com):

Myebook - COLD BLOODED CHILLERS #3  Preview - click here to open my ebook

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SHADOW CHRONICLES – New from Studio 407

Posted by bobheske on November 15, 2008

This is the cover of SHADOW CHRONICLES from Studio 407

SHADOW CHRONICLES is appearing in Diamond’s November previews. It features sneak peeks at 3 horror creature comics from Studio 407. The creepiest one, of course, is THE NIGHT PROJECTIONIST penned by yours cruelly. Also scary stories from newcomer Chad Jones and veteran Hollywood screenwriter Neal Marshall Stevens (Th13rteen Ghosts). The comic hits stores in January.

(Spoiler: Look for a thicker version down the road featuring complete first issues of this fearsome monster threesome.)

Here’s the premise:

Shadow Chronicles

Studio 407 is proud to present Shadow Chronicles, a blood-curdling collection of all-new horror tales. A bloodthirsty vampire plagues 18th Century Europe… and a modern-day movie theater. In the farthest reaches of space, the crew of a research vessel is absconded by the military for a mission to a desolate planet of pure terror. And a small town is beset both by demons and the elite paramilitary squad tasked with destroying them! But which force is scarier? Find out in Shadow Chronicles, Studio 407’s first ever anthology book, which affords readers a sneak peak at our most terrifying new comics!

click to go to website

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